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Silver Rose Wreath
  • Silver Rose Wreath

    A wreath that is synonymous with romanticism, without losing its impact.


    Composed of a comb + tiara combo, which come together to form a wreath that surrounds the entire head. The option to make this model in detachable parts makes the fit perfect and guarantees an impeccable finish to the hairstyle.


    The comb has porcelain flowers in the pink model (open and in bud) as a highlight within a composition in silver-plated wire that features a mix of foliage, Swarovski crystals, glass crystals, imported beads, glass, rhinestones and pearls natural freshwater.


    While the comb design is more imposing, the tiara design is light, with silver-plated branches with ends in natural pearls, crystals, circular arrangements of beads and rhinestones in the nave model - giving that reference to foliage.


    The comb is approximately 16cm long and the tiara approximately 35cm.


    Photographs of the bride: @renanoliveirafotografo


      Important! The production period for the pieces is 60 calendar days. For shorter deadlines, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

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