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Élégance Wreath
  • Élégance Wreath

    An exciting, versatile and elegant garland. A duo of crossbars that complement each other and allow infinite possibilities for styling. A gold-plated base completely interwoven by hand supports a beautiful arrangement with a mix of flowers, pistils and cold porcelain leaves. The pearly tone is what stands out, but the touches of gold bring a surprise effect to the design, without losing any of its class. A perfect accessory for the bride who wants a stand-out yet romantic accessory.


    Materials: Yellow gold-plated wire, cold porcelain flowers in different pearlescent and golden designs, cold porcelain pistils in gold and pearlescent, cold porcelain leaves in pearlescent and beads. 


    Size: Each platter is approximately 17cm long.


    Photos of the bride: @aproximarfotografia.


      Important! The production period for the pieces is 60 calendar days. For shorter deadlines, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

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