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Sam Set
  • Sam Set

    A set of pins that is the perfect balance between minimalism and romance.


    Pins are the garland option that offers the most versatility and can provide countless different arrangements. They are also a great choice for brides who are going to change their hairstyle and want different looks.


    The Sam Set is made up of 14 hairpins, 4 of which have delicately hand-molded cold pearl porcelain flowers with Swarovski crystal centers. One of the flowers is larger than the others, giving the combo a touch of style.


    The other clips are very minimalist, made up of single pearls, but with an interesting asymmetry, as 6 of them have mini artificial pearls and 4 have small artificial pearls.


    The choice of mini and small pearls was to give a very delicate look, like "pearl drops" in the hairstyle.


    All the clips have gold-plated wire.



      Important! The production period for the pieces is 60 calendar days. For shorter deadlines, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

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