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Thais earring
  • Thais earring

    The earring designed for Thais Benites and which drew sighs from the bridesmaids was included in our website catalogue.

    The design was conceived mixing geometric references. Thus, the pin is in a round plate model and the pendant has a mix of curved and straight lines.

    The pendant has a curvilinear external shape, but is filled, in part, with straight gold-plated wires and dotted with gold and pink mini beads. This detail gives this earring a unique effect.

    Still on the pendant, a major highlight comes into play: the mix of stones in different greenish tones, completing the “wow” look of the design.

    The size is approximately 4cm long.


      Important! The production period for the pieces is 60 calendar days. For shorter deadlines, contact us via WhatsApp or email.

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